About Us

DUME is a registered Nigerian brand of different sizes and designs of portable wireless amplified systems that includes megaphones, loudspeakers, amplifiers, projectors, wireless microphones, and others. Our products are manufactured in a world class standard to suit the African current and weather condition. Our products have internal rechargeable battery that can function without electricity for five hours. Some of our products have two wireless microphones, ports for extra wired-microphones, ports for guitar and keyboard, FM radio, built-in Bluetooth, USB and memory card ports, remote control, different control buttons, among other things. DUME public address systems are manufactured and distributed nationwide by DUME VOICE LTD located at SHOP B33 YOBE PLAZA (BBA), INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR COMMERCE, TRADE FAIR COMPLEX, BADAGARY EXPRESSWAY, LAGOS.
To provide sound system experience that will make us a household name for the manufacturing and distribution of quality public address systems in Africa
To be a trailblazer in innovative sound system productions all over the world, making us a company where customers, employees and the entire society will be very proud to identify with.
DUME comes with one year warrantee, and we also have technical sessions that replace or repair any of our products that has exceeded the warrantee year.
DUME is multi-purpose and needful in organizations, such as schools, churches, mosques, hotels, shops, homes and other places, to serve the following purposes:
·        Preaching
·        Teaching
·        Meeting
·        Conferences
·        Convocations
·        Parties
·        Graduations
·        Entertainments etc